Devel+ – manufacturer of treated wooden electricity poles

We specialise in the manufacture of treated wooden poles destined for the countries of West Africa and Central Africa.

Devel+ produces around 100,000 poles each year, most of which are destined for export to countries where the climate is hot and humid.

Why choose Devel+ poles?

An approach to quality and more extensive qualification testing

With Devel+, total quality control already starts in the forest with the careful selection of trees. Only those specimens that are straight and flawless are retained, while stringent checks in the treating plants accompany every stage of production. Besides size and quality checks, test holes are drilled after creosote or salt treatment to ensure that the solution used for impregnation has penetrated sufficiently.

When it comes to marking, experience has shown us that it is better to substitute metal plates with branding in order to avoid problems associated with metal theft. 

All our treatment plants are regularly inspected by the Belgian Technical Research Centre and all these facilities are certified to ISO 9001.

We invite an inspector appointed by the customer to visit the factory for a final check before shipment.

Our poles comply with the quality and strength specifications prescribed by BS 1990: 1971 (UK), NF C67-100 (France) and ANSI 05.1-1971.

Very short delivery periods

Devel+ has substantial stocks and the capacity of our treatment plants ensures good supply and fast delivery

We benefit from long experience and excellent relationships with maritime shipping companies, which is why we are able to provide you with effective assistance with shipment. We are able to effect delivery to all the world's major ports directly. The port of departure is Antwerp. The port of destination is the one of your choosing.

Transhipment and, in certain cases, rail transport enable us to deliver anywhere. We deliver your goods carriage and freight paid to the port of destination, allowing you to avoid any unpleasant surprises or budget overruns.

In conclusion, Devel+ is a reliable supplier of wooden poles who will assist you in meeting your deadlines and complying with your requirements specifications.

When you choose Devel+ you choose:

  • A supplier of quality poles with substantial stocks;
  • A specialist in maritime shipping;
  • An experienced manufacturer (over 50 years).

Contact us to obtain quality products when you need them.